1. Who was President of the U.S. at the end of this country's involvement in the Vietnam war?
    A) John Kennedy.
    B) Lyndon Johnson.
    C) Richard Nixon.
    D) Gerald Ford.

2. Which branch of the military was the first to enter Vietnam as an official combat military presence?

    A) Army.
    B) Navy.
    C) Air Force.
    D) Marines.

3. What American War did the Stars and Stripes newspaper NOT appear?

    A) WWI.
    B) Civil War.
    D) Korean War.
 4. What WW II General objected to the cartoonist, Bill Mauldin, printing his "Willie and Joe" cartoons in the Stars and Stripes?

5. The WWI U.S. infantry soldier was known by all of the following names except:

    A) Sammies
    B) Yanks
    C) Tommy's
    D) Doughboys

6. What was the date of the first WWII Stars and Stripes newspaper?

    A) December 7, 1941
    B) December 8, 1941
    C) January 1, 1942
    D) April 18, 1942